Monday, April 30, 2012

monday giveaway

I'm massively into reading blogs. It's quite possibly one of my favorite things to do (I will save the list of my absolute favorites for later in the week). So lucky for me, one of my go-to blogs, Oh hello Friend, is sponsoring a lovely little series of giveaways in honor of Reader Appreciation Week. The first giveaway, I couldn't help but share. Her shop, The Wanderlust is full of fun and interesting goodies (many of which I have purchased for my own photo styling), and this week one lucky reader will win a gift card for $100 to use in her shop. As I've been eyeing a number of items, I briefly thought about keeping the news to myself (wink, wink); but in the spirit of sharing, I decided I'd let you all in on the awesome opportunity as well. Check out her blog and sign up!

photo credit: Oh Hello Friend, The Wanderlust 

a few changes

Good morning! If you're stopping by the blog this morning, you'll probably notice that we've had a little makeover. I love the clean and crisp look of the Dahlia Press Website and I wanted to make sure that the same look and appeal translated to the blog. Although I often design websites (the DP site was designed and programmed by yours truly), I don't seem to have the same success when designing my own blog. Tired of constantly messing with it myself, I decided to seek out a professional. Ana at Blog Milk was just the answer I needed. Check out her beautiful templates available for purchase here. Best part, she sells only 15 of each template, keeping your blog looking fresh and unique. The new DP blog is completely simple and clean, I'm kinda loving it.

P.S: A few extra changes may occur, so don't stress if things are added this week!

Friday, April 27, 2012

{a week on instagram}

Who doesn't love Instagram? We know we do. So we've decided, in an effort to keep you up to date on what's happening in (and out) of the studio, we're going to begin pulling a few of our favorite Instagram snap-shots from the week into a post to share. Fun? We thought so!

This week was a bit of a whirl-wind. Working in and out of the studio, we closed the books on another set of wedding invitations (more photos to come soon), attended a CRAVE Seattle event at Dry Soda, and did some serious 'business planning'. Next week I'll share some of my newest business revelations and some of what I learned at the CRAVE event. For now, we're ready to kick off the weekend! 
xoxo - Steph + Cate

{april fabulous finds} products we love

It's Friday...thank goodness! Today's a two part day, we'll be checking back in at noon to introduce a new series we're incorporating into our weekly posts. But first, a few products we adore...

Steph: Aqua Ovo Therm-O Terra 
This product isn't exactly new to me (I've had it since February) but I'd be heartbroken without it. A simple and sleek glass bottle for carrying beverages, it's insulated to keep your drinks hot while keeping your hands comfortable and cool. It's made from only good-for-you materials (food grade, lead free, BPA free, FDA approved materials) so you can feel good - while looking good - as you carry this swanky bottle down the street.

Historical maps, imaginary maps, emotional maps...someone recently gifted me this amazingly illustrated book of maps. It's perfect when it comes to design and layout inspiration...check it out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

{color candy}

Every bit of dust is different, each space produces it's unique type of dust, depending on its nature and its individual use. Over the last two years Klaus Pichler had been looking for accumulations of dust, fluff and grime in various locations in and around Vienna. In commercial premises, factories, private properties, doctor's surgeries etc. etc. It was important to him to offer a representative cross section of all basic functions of society, a kind of ‘typology of dust' in its various shapes and forms. Pichler logged the ‘dust samples' he had gathered in an archive and took photographs of them in a studio, all under the same conditions. The result was 99 photographs of dust which offer an insight into its surprisingly varied appearances.

photo credit: anzenberger gallery

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{april fabulous finds} music we love

Happy Wednesday! We're here to share a few of our favorite tunes for the month of April. Trust us, you're going to want to get your hands on these!

Steph: Sucre' - 'A Minor Bird'
I've been reading a certain blog for quite awhile now and tend to think her ideas and suggestions are pretty spot on. So, when she recommended her readers listen to the band Sucre' I was immediately intrigued (it also doesn't hurt that her husband happens to be in the band). Stacy King's (singer) voice is hauntingly beautiful. I swear, their debut album 'A Minor Bird' has been #1 on my itunes all month. Listen to the first song "Hiding Out", you'll fall in love too.

Cate: Lupe Fiasco - 'Lasers'
This album feels like summer to me. And I couldn't be more ready for some warmer, I might just have this one on repeat.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{typography tuesday}

I'm constantly on the look out for posters with great messages and great type. Here are a couple that caught my eye this week...

photo credit: 1) Vintage by Hemingway 2) Teachers in Tiaras 3) W I T C 4)

Monday, April 23, 2012

{april fabulous finds} blogs/sites we love

Yikes! How is it the end of April already? The good news is we are here to share another month's worth of fabulous finds. First up...

Sometimes the pre-installed icons on Illustrator just aren't enough (ie: Roman Soldier icon? None to be found). However a lovely little site by the name of The Noun Project is just the ticket. Chalk full of icons, these downloadable goodies are completely free and available for your use!

A 'Visual Journal', Wit & Delight's blog is a breath of fresh air. The color palette and aesthetic are wonderfully inspiring. So simple and so beautiful. Visit today!

Enjoy the fun new sites! Wednesday we'll be back to share our favorite tunes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

to italy, with love

I send a lot of packages. It's an understatement to say that I make more then a few trips to the post office a week. Between the Etsy shop and custom orders, a lot of mailing has to be done. Occasionally I have the chance to send packages to faraway places and I can't help but day-dream about where they're going and who might be on the receiving end. Today I received a lovely little email from Serena with NPWA Studio in Rome. She snapped this photo with her phone and sent along to let me know she had received her package. So sweet. It's nice to know the cards have found their home.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

{color candy}

photo credit: Vinita Pappas

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

summer collection continued

Earlier this week I mentioned our most recent project, the Summer Collection. We're pretty excited about it. Right now I am buzzing away trying to finish sketches, plan printing, photographing and getting these items up for sale. However, first thing on our growing list of things To Do, was to create a fresh summer palette. We wanted to keep things lively and fun...what do you think?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{typography tuesday}

Chalkboard's and I don't get a long, but maybe that is why I have such an admiration for people who have mastered this art form. I'm a little obsessed with this work by Dana Tanamachi and Liz Collini. Have you seen it? I think one of these would look particularly stunning in my new kitchen...

photo credit: 1. Dana Tanamachi 2. Liz Collini 3. Dana Tanamachi

Monday, April 16, 2012

summer collection in the works

I have exciting news...Dahlia Press is starting a collection! Cate and I have a few new ideas up our sleeves as well as a handful of prints and patterns to introduce for our 2012 Summer Collection. We are pretty excited about what we are going to be putting out for the new line. I'll give you a's going to involve stripes!

The Summer Collection will be officially released on June 1st and will include a variety of stationery items and invitations. Although you have to wait until June to see the full line, one or two items will show up prior to that date, so stay tuned to see what we're cookin' up next!

photo credit: check out these amazing trays at

Friday, April 13, 2012

{today i love} picmonkey

Hallelujah! Just when I thought my beloved online photo editor 'Picnik' up and left me for good, I discovered a lovely little site by the name of PicMonkey has come to the rescue. Phew! Don't get me wrong, as I've stated before, I am a Photoshop girl through and through, but now and then it's nice to have a quick option to turn to. When I have to edit something on the fly or want to apply a few fancy filters (a la instagram), I often found Picnik to be the key (see blog post here). Now, PicMonkey (developed by some of the same team members who brought us Picnik) fulfills all your basic photo editing needs and then some. The con - it's flash based so it will not work with your iPad. The pro - hours of fun for free!

photo credit: picmonkey

Thursday, April 12, 2012

{color candy}

photo credit: skinandboneskeleton

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sick days

And so it's Wednesday already. Where have I been this week? Sadly, sick in bed. It's the pits. I'm feeling a little more like me today, but mostly I just feel like a congested version of myself. I had a lot of big plans for this week but sadly most of those have been put on hold. Instead I've spent the week bonding with the Netflix app on the iPad and a box of kleenex. Lame, lame, lame. Let's hope the later part of the week starts to perk up.

photo credit:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{typography tuesday}

One thing I am constantly taking note of is the display of strong or poor signage and how it varies from state to state. This week I noticed a particularly poor placement of an exit sign downtown Seattle and began brainstorming about the decisions behind these very signs, from placement to typeface design. This obviously spurred a little research and I discovered this smart font software that was recently created and approved as an alternative for road signs across the US. 

ClearviewHwy font software was developed by the team that developed the Clearview Type System that has received interim approval by the Federal Highway Administration for use in road guide signs. ClearviewHwy was developed in a research program to increase the legibility and improve ease of recognition of road sign legends while reducing the effects of halation (or overglow) for older drivers and drivers with reduced contrast sensitivity when letters are displayed on high brightness retroreflective materials. The use of mixed case ClearviewHwy increases speed and accuracy of word recognition with the same size initial capital letter. This affords more reaction time for viewers reading guide signs and street name signs in which a motorist is looking for a specific destination name.

Photo Credit: Clearviewhwy

Friday, April 6, 2012

looking forward to the weekend

It's Friday. I don't know about you, but I have been ready for Friday since Monday morning! It's just been one of those weeks where the end of the week couldn't come fast enough. What's on the docket for this weekend? A little bit of printing, a little bit of design work and (hopefully) a whole lot of relaxing. I don't know if it's the change in the weather, but I'm really craving a day to sleep in, have breakfast out, go for a nice walk with a latte in hand and relax, maybe even take in a movie. Maybe Sunday? Enjoy your weekend plans and we'll catch up next week.
photo credit: Katie Quinn Davies, What Katie Ate

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{color candy}

Check out these underwater photos taken of ink.

Photo Credit: Alberto Seveso

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{fabulous freebie} you're good peeps

It's the first Wednesday in April...what does this mean? Fabulous freebies! Cate and I did a little chatting over the weekend and decided that it really wasn't working for us to give a freebie at the end of the month (we were way too exhausted by that point), so why not host a giveaway at the beginning of the month instead? From now on, you can look forward to the first Wednesday of every month to find some absolutely free and fun stuff.

This month we're spreading the love (and sugar) by reminding all of you that we think you're a pretty great group of peeps! Want to let a friend or loved one know how fantastic you think they are as well? Just download our free PDF here, print on your favorite stock, fold in half and pair with a bright envelope. Enjoy!

P.S: The card is a 4Bar (3.5"x4.875") and is blank in the inside for your personal message. Download your free card here!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{typography tuesday}

Check out this beautiful state calligraphy work by Jack & Jules. What a sweet way to represent your home state.  And how great would these look on an invite..?

Monday, April 2, 2012

{march fabulous finds} products we love

This post was originally planned for Friday, but sometimes I'm a few days behind (in this case, about 3) but nevertheless, our March Fabulous Finds is not over yet. To wrap last week's edition up, today we are sharing our favorite products for the month. Tomorrow, we'll be back with our regularly scheduled posts. Enjoy!

Steph: As I just purchased a swanky new iPad, I've been a little obsessed with Apps as of late. My favorite app is a simple one, but a total necessity. Wunderlist is the perfect companion for your phone or tablet as it sync's with all your handheld devices and is available online! I use it to categorize all my To Do lists and leave myself little reminders. If you're a list maker, don't go another day without it.

Cate: It sounds a little weird, Moroccan Oil treatment for hair, but one use in and I couldn't figure out how I lived my life without it. For shiny, soft hair, (with a yummy smell) give it a try!

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